Loose or Broken Wires or Brackets


While you are wearing your braces, the brackets can break, the braces and bands can loosen, and the orthodontic wires can stuck out potentially injuring your soft tissues. If these problems occur, call and set up an appointment with your orthodontic immediately. Your orthodontist or his staff can advise you what to do until you can make it in to see your orthodontic, however if your problems is the result of an injury, seek help immediately.

How can you help yourself?

Parts of the braces may at times loosen, fall out, or break. This can cause you pain and impede your treatment.

  • Loose braces that are either metal or ceramic are cemented onto your teeth using a composite material. If this composite resin fails to hold your bracket(s) in place, soft tissue injuries can occur. Your orthodontist should have given you a kit with orthodontic resin in it, and your can use this wax to cover the bracket(s) to keep them from injuring the soft tissue of your mouth. However, make sure that you see your orthodontist as soon as possible.
  • Loose bands need to be re-cemented when the cement used to glue them to the teeth washes out. This happens at times, and you should visit your orthodontist as soon as possible, in order to have these bands re-cemented. If the band comes off completely, place it in a plastic baggie and visit your orthodontist immediately to have it replaced. Do not try to replace it yourself.
  • Protruding or broken wire can stick out into your soft tissue and cause injury. Try to use an eraser tip to place the wire into a better position where it will no longer dig into your soft tissue, and then cover it with orthodontic wax. You should not try to remove or cut the wire, as it can be inhaled or swallowed by accident. If the wire cut your soft tissue, rinse your mouth with warm salt water and if you can get some Anbesol and place it on the cut, it will also provide temporary help for the pain. Seek orthodontic help immediately.
  • Loose spacers or separators are rings or strips of rubber that are spaced between the teeth for a few days, so that the orthodontic braces have room to be placed. These can become loose, and try not to swallow them. See your orthodontist to have them replaced.

Your Orthodontist can help:

If you have any or the above problems, or other problems with your orthodontic braces, your orthodontist will be able to replace and repair any problems. Let your orthodontist know immediately if you have any problems with your braces so that they can set aside time for you to repair and/or replace your braces.