Partially Extruded or Dislodged Tooth

Your Role:

There are times during an injury when a tooth may avulse partially out of its socket or become loose. If the tooth is still vital and its blood vessels and nerve are still intact, the tooth can be saved. If this occurs, immediately contact your dentist, and you can either use an ice-pack or over-the-counter pain reliever, or both.

Your Dentist's Role:

Your dentist will make sure the area is clean and replace the tooth back into its socket, and then splint the tooth into place until it heals. If the tooth's blood supply and nerve is injured, a root canal may need to be performed prior to or post tooth reinsertion. This will keep the tooth from becoming abscessed or discoloured. A series of tests may need to be performed to see if your tooth is vital. Following healing, your dentist may decide that your tooth needs a dental crown. If it is decided that your tooth cannot be saved, your dentist will explain other treatment options to you.