Sports Safety: Avoiding Tooth and

Mouth Injuries


Sports injuries can be common among children and young adults. Approximately 80% of injuries to the teeth involve a front tooth. Injuries to the cheeks and tongue are also common. It is estimated that 13-39 percent of dental injuries result from playing and being injured during sports activities.

Protecting Your Teeth:

A tooth that is knocked out can be saved if it is replaced and secured quickly by your dentist. Small cracks and chips and broken teeth can also be restored by your dentist. Small damages to the front teeth can also cause serious damage to the teeth and can be very expensive to fit. That is why prevention is the key if you like to participate in sports or have children or adolescents that participate in sports. It is believed that 200,000 injuries are prevents by football players alone who use mouth guards.

Two devices that will help to protect you are:

  • Helmets are a must for almost every type of sports activity and should be chosen carefully and fit correctly.
  • Mouth guards are the best way to prevent injuries to your teeth, tongue, and cheeks. It is highly recommended that you get a custom made mouth guard from your dentist, as mouth guards available in sporting goods stores do not fit properly. Custom made mouth guards offer better protection.
If you purchase an over-the-counter mouth guard, make sure that you follow all directions of the manufacturer in terms of heating, biting, and moulding the mouth guard properly onto your teeth.