Q Why tongue cleansing?

A Tongue cleansing is a quick and efficient way to help achieve and sustain a healthy, fresh mouth.

Recent scientific evidence has validated the need to practise regular tongue cleansing to help reduce harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Q What are the facts about the tongue?

A The back of the tongue is the main focal point for the majority of micro-organisms in the mouth, which are a major source of bad breath, plaque-forming bacteria and those associated with gingivitis and tooth decay. It is therefore important to reduce these micro-organisms in all areas of the mouth, especially the tongue. A tongue cleanser is the ideal tool to use in conjunction with a toothbrush and floss to help achieve optimum oral cleanliness.

* 9 out of 10 people suffer from bad breath at some time or another.

* 90% of bad breath comes from what is happening in the mouth.

* 80% of bad breath emanates from the back of the tongue.

* Tongue cleansing is important as it removes unwanted bacteria from the deep fissures and grooves of the tongue's surface, helping to achieve and maintain a healthy, clean and fresh mouth.

* The use of a specialist tongue cleanser is 7 times more effective in reducing odour-causing bacteria than brushing the tongue with a toothbrush.

* Tongue cleansing plus toothbrushing is nearly 31/2 times more effective in reducing bad breath than just brushing the teeth.

Q Why the Tongue DetoxTM cleanser?

A The Tongue Detox has been specially designed to maximise the effectiveness of tongue cleansing. It is made of lightweight, supple plastic with an ergonomically designed double handle and a unique antibacterial and mint aroma. It is safe and easy to use, minimising the gag reflex. The Tongue Detox effectively removes odour and plaque causing bacteria, dead cells and food debris. It also removes the white or brown coloured gelatinous tongue coating that can cause bad breath.

Q What if I am a smoker?

A Tongue cleansing will easily and effectively remove the extra thick brown coating which forms quite heavily on the tongue's surface and reduce "smoker's breath".